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The Cost of ESG and Other Woke Agendas

Could Senate Democrats be at risk in 2023 for supporting woke agendas Click Here for Story

The Ukrainian Front

A Russian tank exploding after being hit in fighting around Vuhledar

Huge losses for both sides but Russia may be getting the brunt of it? Click Here for Story

The J6 Video Is Showing the Democrat Lies

This is Why Schumer and the Democrats don’t want America to see the video Click Here for Story


EPA gets slammed for not testing for a cancer causing chemical in East Palestine OH Click Here for Details

Frogs…A Real Problem or Tasty Treat?

Utah encourages the hunting and eating of an invasive species? Click Here for Story

Silence the Non-Bought Media?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants Fox News owner to stop telling unapproved narrative Click Here for Details

House Goes After Biden Executive Orders

Passes REIN Act to investigate how Executive Orders are causing inflation Click Here for Story

More Chinese Propaganda

When a new start up promises trust in journalism but partners with the Chinese Communist Party you know it won’t be good Click Here for Details

On Trial for Doing the Federal Governments Job

Rancher who killed dangerous illegal border crosser asked for help repeatedly from the government and didn’t get it Click Here for Story

Biden’s ESG Rules Will Hurt Americans Retirement Savings

Investment managers should look at financial returns on investments not social justice Click Here for Details

No Answers…

Senator Rubio says briefing on classified documents found at Biden residences gave no answers Click Here for Story

mRNA May Have Caused More Problems Than Solutions?

Adverse events and reactions are plaguing those who got mRNA “vaccines” Click Here for Story

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