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Brooks Loses Trump Endorsement

Could be the nail in the campaign coffin for Mo Brooks? Click Here for Story

Blame Your Government for Inflation

Corrupt politicians have been leading the charge with bad policies and devastating over-spending to spike inflation on Americans Click Here for Details

Breaks Amongst Putin’s Inner Circle?

IS Putin losing the support of those closest to him? Click Here for Story

Dumb Advice

Hillary Clinton gets Covid despite being vaccinated and boosted…tells other to get vaccinated?? Click Here for Story

Russia No Like

Proposal to send UN peacekeepers to Ukraine is not advised by Russia Click Here for Story

Oil Price Affects EVERYTHING

And you need to ask why Democrats refuse to let America be the number one exporter of oil but beg for foreign oil? Click Here for Story

Nominee Disaster

Senate hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson shows she just isn’t worthy of being on the Supreme Court Click Here for Story

The World IS Less Stable

Polling shows people find Biden has only destabilized the world Click Here for Story

Pay for Play

The Biden Admin is all about the quid pro quo Click Here for Details

Big Tech Now Censors The Truth

The truth is being censored by social media because someone might be offended by it Click Here for Details

Its An Election Year Sooo…Ridiculous Pandering to Voters by Democrats Begins

Shell gas pump showing high gas prices in Lafayette, California, November 25, 2021. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Democrats caused the spike in oil and gas prices now they want to give Americans a rebate by forcing Oil companies to pay ( which will then be passed onto the same Americans ) Click Here for Story

Propaganda or Truth?

Are Russian troops turning on each other or is this part of Ukrainian psyop? Click Here for Story

Are Liberals Ready to Get Rid of Biden?

Did the New York Times admit the Hunter Biden laptop story is real to help get rid of Biden ? Click Here for Story

The Lying Spies

Who are the 51 top US intel agents who assured us all that Hunters lap top was a Russian scam. Will they be held accountable ? Click Here for Story

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