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Putting America First

At least one Democrat has finally realized how to put American energy back on track and putting America first Click Here for Story

Time to Pause AI?

Experts are worrying about the growth and power of Artificial Intelligence? Click Here for Details

James O’Keefe Is Back

Insider reveals Democrat money laundering in elections Click Here for Story

Wayne State prof calls murder of conservative campus speakers ‘admirable’

Professor suspended from $140K/year job after remarks school president calls ‘reprehensible’

Democrats Are Stoking Transgender Violence

Disturbing that Democrat politicians and bureaucrats are pushing to make the Transgender agenda more violent Click Here for Story

Restrict Act uses TikTok as trojan horse for asset forfeiture

There are simple TikTok bans available, if a TikTok ban is the goal. But the Restrict Act is about asset forfeitureRead more

Deep State Christie

Former Governor Chris Christie shows why he’s a simple GOP elitist tool of the Deep State Click Here for Story

Attacking Christians

The Transgender movement, the media and the Democrats are trying to blame Christians and conservatives for the attacks by transgenders? Click Here for Details

Why Is Our Federal Government Hiding Emails?

Heavily redacted emails are hiding something what is it? Click Here for Story

Why IS Biden Weakening Our US Navy?

Biden’s budget weakens the US Navy while Biden’s owners the Chinese Communist Government are growing their navy Click Here for Story

No Negotiation from Biden

Joe Biden is refusing to negotiate and simply wants to bankrupt the United States and its citizens Click Here for Story

Grooming Isn’t Just About Sex Its About Making Terrorists?

Children being taught they need to be violent? Click Here for Details

Time to Impeach Mayorkas

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

IS Mayorkas just incompetent or is he treasonously leaving the US border open? Click Here for Story

Wrong Priorities From The Secretary of Defense

Instead of prioritizing the safety of America the Department of Defense is more worried about pronouns and abortions Click Here for Details

GOP Needs Banks to Help Show Biden Corruption

Evidence is piling up on the Biden family Click Here for Story

Twitter Cannot Be Saved?

Elon Musk has been unable to free conservatives at Twitter even though he owns the company Click Here for Story

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