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The First RINO Breaks

Susan Collins Takes Hours to Decide on Lunch Before Ordering Exactly What  Mitch McConnell Is Having | The New Yorker

RINO Senator Susan Collins will give a big thumbs up to liberal extremist Ketanji Brown Jackson for SCOTUS Click Here for Story

Orgies in DC?

More disturbing allegations against US Congress members Click Here for Details

Democrats Look to Send SCOTUS Into Chaos

Democrats would like to try and impeach Justice Thomas Click Here for Story

Not Only Is There Biolabs in Ukraine…

Hunter Biden’s investment company funded them??? Click Here for Story

Your Freedom At Stake

WHO wants to continue surveillance on people even after alleged pandemic end? Click Here for Story

Biden About to Flood The Border Again?

Biden Admin wants to end Title 42 spurring another wave of illegal immigrants crashing the border Click Here for Story

How To Reverse the Biden Destruction

Trump lays out a plan to reverse all the mayhem and destruction Democrats and Joe Biden have wrought on the American public and economy Click Here for Details

The Government Gimmick

Gas rebates to pay voters for the high gas prices caused by…government policies? Click Here for Story

These Aren’t Just Gaffes…

They are an enormous danger to national security Click Here for Details

Even His Handlers Know

Biden Chief of Staff says Biden ad libs are a problem Click Here for Story

Lamb Is NOT a “Moderate”

Pennsylvania Senate candidate is linked to BLM Click Here for Details

More Biden Corruption

US Senators reveal more CCP connections to the Biden family Click Here for Story

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