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Wake Up Elitist Republicans

IF you support Democrat policies you WILL be held accountable in the primaries Click Here for Story

Liar Liar?

Michael Cohen Says Trump Secretly Paid ...

Prosecuting Trump for no crime is even harder when the prosecution’s star witness is a serial liar Click Here for Story

The Michigan Fednapping Case

The phony story of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s alleged kidnapping attempt was an FBI entrapment case Click Here for Details

Russia’s Final Push?

Russia is amassing 500,000 troops on the frontlines as Ukraine seems to be failing? Click Here for Story

So A Presidential Debate Will Happen?

Joe Biden has accepted tentative debate schedule with Donald Trump but will it really happen? Click Here for Details

Paraprofessional in Traverse City gets MEA decertified and replaced

Support personnel of Northwest Education Services get new union

Bidenflation and Bidenomics

Inflation hits 20% under Joe Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Details

Unemployment agency undercalculated penalties for fraud

Virtually no attempts to recover paymentsRead more


DA Bragg offers plea deals to illegal aliens charged in vicious mob attack on NYPD cops

DA Bragg offers plea deals to violent illegal migrant criminals while attempting to prosecute Donald Trump for nothing? Click Here for Details

Credit Card Debt Skyrockets

The Biden Economy is pushing Americans deeper into debt Click Here for Story

California Regulating Its Own Demise

Banning Diesel trucks and now Diesel trains? How will goods move in California and at what outrageous costs? Click Here for Details

Investigate Biden?

Doubtful but Republican asks for it anyway as Democrats show more support to Hamas than Israel? Click Here for Story

A War In Our Hemisphere?

Venezuela is positioning troops for an invasion of Guyana? Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

Protesting an abortion clinic gets you jail time shutting down freeways and airports for protests gets no penalty? Click Here for Story

Another Biden Policy Failure

The bad blood between Niger and the US is directly the result of poor decision making and threats by Biden foreign policy team Click Here for Details

Legal System Extortion

The phony Trump hush money trial is more about extortion and exploitation by liberals than any laws Click Here for Story

Politicized and Corrupt DOJ

Justice cannot be served when a department only supports and is staffed by one political party Click Here for Details

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