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Pennsylvania Primary

Too close to call yet? Click Here for Story

Sovereignity At Risk?

What’s up with the WHO getting control of world governments? Click Here for Story

Elites and Their Dark Money

Stopping the expansion of voter ID is what DC Elitists and their dark money funders want Click Here for Story

At-Risk Funding Favors Poorer Communities

Pols make equity claims that are contradicted by the numbers

Swamped Out?

Madison Cawthorn loses primary after repeated attacks by the DC swamp or his own past mistakes? Click Here for Details

WEF Owns the UN?

Why are we still funding an organization that does not have America’s best interests at heart? Click Here for Story

Missouri Stands Up Against Medical Insanity

Bill will protect Doctors who prescribe real treatments for Covid like Ivermectin and HCQ Click Here for Details

Did Twitter Lie on SEC Filing?

Elon Musk asks SEC to investigate Twitter’s real number of fake accounts and Bots Click Here for Story

Most Votes in American History?

President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Washington on Sunday.

Not a chance, the math doesn’t work and over half of Biden’s twitter followers are fake Click Here for Story

Trump’s Kentucky Wins

Trump-Backed Kentucky GOP Primary Candidates Sweep

45’s endorsements are a likely bet Click Here for Details

The Wealthy Don’t Worry About Carbon Footprints

They want the common man to cut back but they never will Click Here for Story

No Science Here…

Why won’t the government run a study on natural immunity? Click Here for Details

Democrats Screw Up Everything

The bad news just keeps coming with Democrat control Click Here for Story

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