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Biden’s Invasion

PolitiFact | As Chinese immigration to ...

Biden’s White House says its not his job to protect the US border from the thousands of military aged males invading the US Click Here for Story

She Just Said It Out Loud

AOC Recalls the 'Trauma' of Seeing ...

AOC admits the lawfare against Trump is like a criminal ankle bracelet to keep him from campaigning Click Here for Details

Michigan school employee: Stop using genders at historical school

Employee says using boy, girl distinctions is harmful

Special Migrant Privilege

Illegal who killed a Washington State Trooper gets reduced bail by judge who claims he’s NOT dangerous? Click Here for Story

Who Will Replace Mitch McConnell as GOP Leader?

Looking like a 3 way race at the moment Click Here for Details

UK Election Scheduled

General election called for 4 July, as ...

What will Brits decide? Click Here for Story

CIA Is Protecting the Bidens

The CIA should not be involved in domestic US politics Click Here for Details


International Criminal Court is just as hypocritical ad out of touch as the United Nations when it comes to terrorism Click Here for Story

DC Needs a Good Douching…

And Donald Trump is the only one who can do it Click Here for Details

The Problems With Pot

Teens need to be very careful using marijuana as overuse can lead to psychosis Click Here for Story

Stolen Aid

You can’t fix stupid…aid to Gaza is of course just getting stolen Click Here for Story

Toddler in Chief

Biden’s dementia worsens and is embarrassing the US Click Here for Details

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