The News YOU Need to Know Thursday May 25, 2023

No Biden Admin Transparency

Energy Department officials refuse to testify to Congress? Click Here for Story

Corrupt DC Cop?

Is everyone in Washington DC corrupt? Click Here for Details

McClain: Gotion factory an attempt to ‘overtake’ Michigan

‘The CCP is not our friend,’ says Michigan rep on floor of Congress

U.S. Education Secretary: Teachers know best

Handling of COVID-19 pandemic, growth of social and emotional learning cut into the idea of blanket trust Read more

Exactly What the DC Elite DON”T Want to Hear

Voters want Trump because he fights against the political corruption he doesn’t embrace it like Democrats and Elitist Republicans Click Here for Story

China Is Not Our Friend…

A simulated war-game has pitted Chinese hypersonic weapons against the US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford. Photo: AP

Simulations of destroying US naval fleets and yet Democrats and politicians want the Chinese to buy land and businesses in America? Click Here for Story

Pushing Back on Biden’s Stupidity

House and Senate disagree with Biden Admin on EPA vehicle emission standards Click Here for Story

Digital Control Over YOU…

The Digital Dollar and any digital currency is all about controlling people Click Here for Details


Going woke leads to going broke… beer maker is learning about wokeness the hard way Click Here for Story

You Can’t Fly Short Distances Now in France

The Green energy agenda is now prohibiting you from making short trips by plane Click Here for Story

Crooked or Biased Judge?

No real justice for Trump from Judge Merchan Click Here for Details

The Gates – Epstein Connection?

Exactly how close were Bill Gates and Pedophile Pimp Jeffrey Epstein? Click Here for Story

More EV Problems

Electric school busses have a lot of problems? Click Here for Story

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