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Still Got The Moxie

A mole hunt, a secret website and Peter Thiel's big risk: How J.D. Vance  won his primary - POLITICO

Trump endorsed candidates are running undefeated in primaries ? Click Here for Story

Saving the Filibuster

Senators Sinema and Manchin Were Not Only Correct, They Were Brave |  National Review

Manchin and Sinema won’t support Democrats move to get rid of the Senate Filibuster Click Here for Story

The Latest Pfizer Vaccine Dump

Mainstream media and the government doesn’t want you to see the truth about the vaccines Click Here for Story

City Lifts Psychic Ban Without Thinking of Future

State law prohibits Petoskey from licensing fortunetellers

2000 Mules

Watch the trailer for the movie that proves election fraud in 2020 Click Here for Story

Elon’s Warning

The Left is trying to control information Click Here for Details

Mayor Has Police Remove Woman From Public Meeting For Criticizing Him

Short-term rentals generate heat in New Buffalo Read more

JD Vance Wins Ohio Primary

It wasn’t just Trump’s endorsement that gave him the win? Click Here for Story


Biden’s Disinformation Governance Goard ( Ministry of Truth ) goes against what America stands for Click Here for Details

A Told You So Moment?

Vaccines Causing Increase in Heart Problems Click Here for Story

Biden Calls Average Americans Extremists

The Divider in Chief has unkind words for Trump supporters Click Here for Details

The Failing Biden Economy

Add a fast growing trade deficit to Biden’s disaster for America agenda Click Here for Story

The China and Drug Cartel Connection

Tik Tok, Fentanyl and young people Click Here for Details

Rabid Emotions

Will the abortion debate be hijacked by emotions and extremists? Click Here for Story


Yes Joe you were for ending Rov V Wade before you were against it Click Here for Details

Overturning Roe v Wade Does NOT Ban Abortion

Outrageous claims of the left Click Here for Facts

No Transparency

Biden Admin hiding info from Congress again Click Here for Story

Sue the Liars

Dem Rep. Adam Schiff of California speaks during a hearing for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence for the impeachment inquiry into then-President Donald Trump on Nov. 13, 2019. Schiff is one of several people and businesses named in legal action by John Paul Mac Isaac, the man who found Hunter Biden's laptop.

Man who discovered Hunter Biden’s laptop sues those who called it fake Click Here for Details

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