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Out of Touch or Out Of His Mind?

Biden’s lies are either purposeful or he really is suffering from extreme dementia Click Here for Story

Storm of Lies?

Like Michael Cohen the other worthless witness in the phony New York hush money trial against Trump, Stormy Daniels was caught up in lies and only hurt the phony case against Donald Trump Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Michigan not ‘killing it’ in jobs creation, despite boast from VP Harris

State is in the bottom third for job creation

Covid Jab Pulled in Europe

AstraZeneca is pulling its Covid vaccine from the European market Click Here for Story

State handouts to Ford could be jeopardized by company’s investments elsewhere

Company agreed to ‘make best efforts to keep jobs in Michigan’ Read more

Why We Need Better Vetting on Immigration

Immigrants need to be capable of self sufficiency and contributing not just being parasites on the taxpayers Click Here for Story

Two Faced

TNS students are not amused by Biden's ...

Biden says he supports Israel then blocks military shipments to them? Click Here for Story

We Always Knew Ryan Was A Democrat

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan unveils his portrait Wednesday, May 17, 2023, on Capitol Hi

No one screwed over America more than Paul Ryan who tried to thwart all Trump’s pro-America policies Click Here for Story

History Should Not Be Canceled

Movement afoot to bring back some Confederate related names to schools Click Here for Story

Where Is the Crime?

Trump cases have no law in them and no crime either Click Here for Details

Israel Will Finish Hamas

Netanyahu won’t take Biden’s threats and will finish off the terrorists in Rafah Click Here for Story

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