The News YOU Need to Know Thursday November 12, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Full Recount in Georgia

What will a hand recount find? Click Here for Details

Saying Only Legal Votes is Racist?

Liberal professor takes nonsense even higher Click Here for Story

Common Sense Licensing Reforms for Military Families a Good Start

Occupational licensing a needless barrier to jobs for too manyRead more

Data Shows Election Fraud?

Breaking analysis points to huge problems with election software Click Here for Story

Blight Or Government Overreach? 

Zoning for historic preservation a source of conflict for Northville building ownerRead more

What’s Really At Stake?

The actual future of America is at stake if Dems gain control of Presidency, House and Senate Click Here for Details

Are You Surprised?

Surprise: Biden Team Isn't Providing Reporters With Crucial Info

Biden campaign still not providing info to reporters Click Here for Story

McConnell Speaks Truth

Democrats never accepted legal 2016 results why are they asking for acceptance now with all the suspicious election activity? Click Here for Details and Video

Pushing Sedition?

NY Times columnist urges Georgia to cheat in election Click Here for Story

Dirty Rolls

Old and compromised Voter Rolls are contributing to election fraud Click Here for Story

Rising Popularity

trump smiles and gives thumbs up

Trumps poll numbers actually rising after election? Click Here for Details

Post Office Involved in Election Fraud

How far up the chain does corruption in the post office go? Click Here for Story

Deep State Looks to Cover Up Postal Election Fraud

Why would these Federal agents try to get witness to recant? Click Here for Story

A New House Speaker ?

Can Pelosi speakership survive and would any Democrats work with Republicans? Click Here for Details

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