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Can Michigan Elect A Republican Senator?

Hard work ahead for even the two most notable GOP candidates Click Here for Story

Democrats Taking Political Prisoners

Now the politicized and corrupt DOJ is arresting Trump supporters who never even went in to the Capitol Click Here for Story

100% clean energy bill heads to Michigan House

Bill takes two different stances on nuclear energy, depending on the date

Starting to Love Speaker Johnson

The GOP’s new Speaker of the House wants to fund Israel by defunding the increase for the IRS and putting American taxpayers first Click Here for Story

Michigan bill would require governments to negotiate minimum staffing

Delie: Bill is not a matter of public safety, but a needless expansion of government Read more

Hamas IS A Danger to Palestine

Hamas uses the Palestinian people as shields, terrorizes them and steals aid meant for the people Click Here for Story

The Evil George Soros


How much longer will western countries allow this manipulative degenerate to bring chaos to western civilization? Click Here for Story

Anti-Jordan Republicans Won’t Run for Re-Election?

Colorado’s Buck Click Here for Story Texas’ Kay Granger Click Here for Story

Hamas Threatens More Attacks

The disgusting cowardly attack on civilians by Hamas will be repeated Click Here for Story

Trump Was Right on the Middle East

Trump policies worked in stabilizing the Middle East, under Biden its devolving Click Here for Details

Spending Oblivion

The US government is spending the country into oblivion Click Here for Story

Yea We Know Elon, But Have You Fixed It?

Elon Musk says Twitter was completely controlled by far left government agencies Click Here for Story

500 American Hostages?

Hamas will not allow some 500 Americans to leave Gaza? Click Here for Story

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