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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Holidays 2024 |

Explosion at US Canada Bridge

Accident or Terrorism? FBI and local authorities are investigating Click Here for Story

The Comeback Killer?

Is former NY governor Andrew Cuomo trying to make a comeback after his Covid policies killed thousands? Click Here for Details

Can Ukraine Conflict Be Negotiated?

Putin shows willingness to end fighting is Zelenskyy up to it? Click Here for Story

Isn’t Biden Already Doing This?

Liberals are whining about Hungarian Prime Minister possible using laws to threaten and jail political opponents Click Here for Story

Biden’s Open Border

File Photos: Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas

500 illegals walk into Texas town Click Here for Details

Corruption and Crime At the Pentagon

Who Is Stephen Hovanic, Pentagon Official Arrested In Georgia Human  Trafficking Sting? | World News, Times Now

Pentagon official arrested in Human trafficking investigation Click Here for Story

Your Tax Dollars Going to Scammers

Biden Admin gives $3 billion loan to solar company that scammed the elderly? Click Here for Details

Nothing Green About China

China is buying coal and building coal plants there is no green agenda in China’s future Click Here for Story

Interview with Argentina’s New President

Tucker Carlson interviews Javier Milei Click Here for Details

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