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Classic Stupidity from the Democrats

” Its the Economy Stupid” has never rung truer than in this election as Democrats fail to realize what is important to Americans Click Here for Story

Deep State Slotkin

Cheney tells Slotkin crowd to 'walk away from politics as usual'

Democrats are spending big to keep ex-CIA deep state Democrat Congresswoman in her seat. Get rid of her Michigan your future depends on it Click Here for Story

No Election Security?

Arizona judge prohibits cameras at drop boxes making way for voter fraud Click Here for Details

Bill would mandate panic buttons at Michigan schools

MichiganVotes Monday kicks off with a look at a school safety billRead more


Bill Maher Says It 'Makes Absolutely No Sense' To Beg Saudis For Oil | The  Daily Caller

When Kid Rock and Bill Maher do a podcast it shows differences can be funny and not mean and derogatory Click Here for Story

Halloween 2020 in Michigan: Hold a virtual party, only go to houses following COVID protocols

Halloween 2020 was a spooky time in Michigan. The state suggested 28 guidelines; all but two were COVID-relatedRead more

Yes This IS Biden’s recession

And 2 out of 3 Americans know it Click Here for Story

George Will and His Trump Derangement Syndrome

George Will's Political Philosophy - The New York Times

Its amazing to see phony conservatives hating Trump as much as Democrats Click Here for Story

Suburban Moms Go Right

Adding fuel to the possible Red Wave in next week’s election Click Here for Details

Incompetent or Corrupt?

Capitol Hill Police had a live feed on Nancy Pelosi’s home but claim they didn’t watch it ? Click Here for Story

Majority of Hispanics Will Vote Republican?

This could turn the election into a landslide Click Here for Details

Biden Supports Who in The Middle East?

Biden Admin seems to be backing the wrong side in the Middle East Click Here for Details

Who Are The Extremists?

The Democrats are the extremists despite what the media says Click Here for Story

Biden’s Cyber Security Director Says What?

Glitches and Errors are normal in elections??? Click Here for Details

Biden Increases Debt for Americans

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Add another $33,000 to your average American taxpayers debt load Click Here for Story

How is “The Fed” in Debt?

Federal Reserve may need a bailout? What? Click Here for Details

A Different Job for Trump?

Make him Ambassador to the UN? Click Here for Story

25th Amendment?

The liberals talked about it under Trump but now that evidence clearly shows Joe Biden is not mentally fit for office could it be raised again? Click Here for Story

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