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Why Are We Spending US Tax Dollars Like This?

US funds the UN who in turn fund hate and terrorism Click Here for Story

Politicized DOJ

The DOJ is ready to attack any Trump supporters on Social media? Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Deposition First Public Testimony Later

Is Hunter afraid to be caught in a lie? Click Here for Story

EV battery maker lays off quarter of staff

Our Next Energy ‘on track’ to build facility after $237M welfare package

How to Save the US Military

Stop the wokeness via laws Click Here for Details

Tax Case for SCOTUS?

This is huge for taxpayers Click Here for Story

Gaza Is NOT Stolen Land

There s no Palestinian land that was stolen? Click Here for Details

Wake Up Ireland

Don’t let the left lie to you about who is causing violence in Ireland Click Here for Story

Fish Over Humans

Biden Admin is putting fish over people Click Here for Story

Oh Really? What Destroyed South Africa?

Equity and Diversity? Click Here for Details

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