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Nasty Nancy

Speaker Pelosi berates CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer for being a real journalist Click Here for Story

Smoking Joe

Uncovered emails shows Hunter Biden DID introduce Burisma exec to VP Biden Click Here for Details

Gary Peter’s Disturbing Friends?

Democrat Senator won’t talk about UAW corruption Click Here for Story

Undoing Whitmer’s Mistake

Michigan legislature approves ban on putting Covid patients into Nursing Homes Click Here for Story

New York Metro States To Michigan Residents: Come Here And You Sit Inside Two Weeks

Competing Townhalls

CPD failure cause two townhalls to replace 2nd debate Click Here for Story

Farewell Wayfair Projected Jobs: $2.5 Million In Taxpayer Handouts Can’t ‘Buy’ 503 New Michigan Jobs

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Fear for Dollars

Democrats use fearmongering over ACB to raise election money Click Here for Details

How Guilty is Joe?

FotografĂ­a de archivo del 30 de enero de 2010 muestra al vicepresidente Joe Biden con su hijo Hunter, durante un juego de baloncesto universitario de Duke Georgetown, en Washington. (Foto AP/Nick Wass, archivo)

FBI had information on Biden before the Trump impeachment attempt Click Here for Story

Common Sense

ACB repeats what Democrats seem to have forgotten Click Here for Story

Bias Uncovered

The Commission on Presidential Debates is no longer an unbiased entity Click Here for Details

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