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What Are Democrats Hiding in Their Giant Spending Bill?

U.S. Speaker Pelosi: Capitalism has not served our economy as well as it  could | Reuters

Lots of things they know you won’t like Click Here for Story

Hate Inflation?

Blame Biden and the Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Michigan Community Colleges Rolling In Dough

Biden’s Supply Chain

This fiasco is getting worse by the day Click Here for Story

The RINO Rats

Liz Cheney stays quiet after impeachment while another GOP Trump critic  gets louder

Why are they still on any committee? Click Here for Details

The Endless “Pandemic”

More lockdowns more more boosters more nonsense Click Here for Story

You Got What You Voted For

Supply chain issues lead to food shortages Click Here for Story


US educational systems spends more and gets less on performance Click Here for Details

January 6th Nonsense

Pelosi was offered troops by Trump but she chose to worry about lunch instead Click Here for Details

Nothing is Free

Handouts in Democrat spending spree is designed with a purpose Click Here for Details

Harris and Abrams

Breaking the law and hurting churches Click Here for Story

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