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Final Primary

Putting America First seems to be a winning strategy and the Democrats don’t like it? Click Here for Story

Democrats About to Screw Up Rail Service Too…

How much worse can Democrats make things in the US? A lot obviously… Click Here for Details

Whitmer touts education policy she rejected last year

Student catch-up initiative similar to vetoed 2021 Republican plan

Elitist Republicans Look to Sabotage Their Possible Victory?

The leadership of the GOP seems to be hell bent on losing an election Click Here for Story

Michigan Public Service Commission: Power grid unreliable, distribution plans insufficient

Commission warns that Michigan’s grid is not prepared for the rise of EVsRead more

Corrupt FBI Hires Criminals

Trump's increasing tirade against FBI and DoJ endangering lives of  officials | US news | The Guardian

Danchenko who helped with the Russia Hoax against President Trump was being paid by the FBI Click Here for Story

Lindsey Is An Idiot…

Kavanaugh hearing: Lindsey Graham rages: “This is the most unethical sham!”  - Vox

Or a closet Democrat? Click Here for Details

Twitter Needs to Be Controlled?

After whistle blower says Twitter hired a Chinese spy demands for controls on the biased and discriminatory social media giant are gaining ground Click Here for Story

Clearly Biden and The Democrats Are Under Chinese Control?

Biden Admin shrugs off concerns about the Chinese Communist Party buying American land near US military bases? Click Here for Story

The Stupidity Just Keeps Coming…

Out of the mouth of VP Kamala Harris Click Here for Details

The FBI Gets Its Brownshirt On

The Corrupt FBI raided “My Pillow” Mike Lindell and seized his phone. Are we now living in the Nazi Germany? Click Here for Story

No Time to Celebrate

Biden policies are driving America’s economy into the ground so why is he and the Democrats celebrating? Click Here for Story

Democrat Ohio Senate Candidate Threatens Americans?

Why is Tim Ryan saying MAGA Republicans need to be exterminated Click Here for Details

Biden’s Proxy War?

IS Russia fighting Ukraine or are they just American mercenaries Click Here for Story

No Kamala, The Border Is Not Secure

Dozens of illegals dressed in “camoflage” jump border wall Click Here for Story

How Does The Old Stack Up to The New?

Old heavy cars are not safer than today’s well engineered rides Click Here for Story

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