The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday April 13, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Politicians Admit Lying

Its now the norm for many politicians Click Here for Story

Destroying Michigan

Another lockdown to finish off small businesses in Michigan? Click Here for Details

Flint’s Bookkeeping Was A Mess Before Water Crisis — And Still Is

Not knowing how much the city has or owes contributes to all kinds of problems

New Ukraine Biden Questions?

Boy this sounds familiar Click Here for Details

Petty Tyrant

Good description of Dr. Fauci by Rand Paul Click Here for Details

Poisoning America

Drugs pouring into America from south of the border Click Here for Story

Real Racism

White Male Chrisitians being targeted Click Here for Story

Done FOR the Right Reasons

Trump did NOT profit from the great market he created Click Here for Story

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