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Pro-Palestinians Protesting Americans

Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down ...

Pro-Palestinians are disrupting Americans and their businesses with block of highways, bridges and airports Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Looks at January 6th

Will the government’s involvement be seen? Click Here for Story

Happy With That Open Border Yet?

Illegals taking over New York City streets? Click Here for Details

Is The Threat of a Bad Economy Going to Save Us From WWIII?

Maybe just maybe something can avert the war that Biden seems to be stoking Click Here for Story

Whitmer seeks federal emergency laws to cover mild winter

Warm weather casts doubt on Michigan’s future as haven from warm weather

Conflict of Interest and An Unfair Trial

Democrats are using lawfare to try and stop Trump from running and winning the 2024 election Click Here for Story

So There May Well Be a Crime in The Baltimore Bridge Incident?

Baltimore bridge collapse: Crews work ...

FBI has opened an investigation Click Here for Details

Feds Hid Covid Origins…

Evidence is piling up on the true origin of Covid and how some members of the US government were involved? Click Here for Story

Why NPR Needs to Be De-Funded

Its become a biased propaganda outlet not a legitimate news source for Americans Click Here for Details And Here for More Info

Ending Sales Tax on Gold and Silver

Kentucky becomes the 45th state to end sales tax on gold and silver? Click Here for Story

Iran Communicated Its Attack on Israel To the US?

US, Iran may begin moving forward with ...

Before and after the attack Iran told the US about it? Click Here for Story

The Biden Admin’s Failures on Iran

7 big ways Biden has failed on the Iran problem Click Here for Details

Hold Democrats And RINOs Accountable

New bill in the House could make every member vote up or down on only citizens being allowed to vote Click Here for Story

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