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Democrats And Their Two Tiered Justice System

Why is the Democrat Judge gagging Trump but not Cohen and Daniels? Click Here for Story And Here for More Hypocrisy from the Judge

Out of Control Students

Something must be done to stop the insanity in the classroom Click Here for Details

Bill in Legislature targets squatting

Sheriffs could immediately remove squatters from homes

Gutless SCOTUS?

Supreme Court again refuses to look at evidence of election fraud Click Here for Story

Holder IS A Terrible Role Model for the Law

Violent anti-Semitism is rising on campus but former Obama AG Eric Holder is fine with it? Click Here for Story

Funding a Thief?

The Kremlin Keeps Trying to Call ...

US Congress gives billions more to Ukraine despite warning from the CIA Director to Ukrainian President to stop stealing it? Click Here for Story

Democrats Supporting the Open Border

Keeping Mayorkas from impeachment shows clearly the Democrats do not want to close the border or protect America Click Here for Details

More Criminals From the Obama Era

Former Obama senior policy advisor charged with Child Sex offences Click Here for Story

Joe Manchin Makes Endorsement

Can Senator Manchin help to make his successor? Click Here for Details

California Discrimination

This time California is discriminating against… The Middle Class? Click Here for Story

Did Ukraine Shoot Down Russian Bomber?

Russia says it was a failure Ukraine says otherwise Click Here for Details

Trump Represents Average Americans

And the Democrats and DC Elite hate Trump for exactly that Click Here for Story

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