The News You Need to Know Tuesday April 27, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Helpful for GOP?

New House seats for Florida and Texas in 2022, will those be Republican seats? Click Here for Story

Craziness in AZ

Judges recusing, new judges appointed, will there be any chance for the truth in Arizona election audit? Click Here for Story

Midland’s Senior Prom: Stay In Parking Lot Masked At All Times

Stop the BS

Even the National Institute for Health doesn’t require Covid vaccine so stop bashing Americans who don’t want to get it Click Here for Story

Michigan Media Makes More Scary COVID Claims Not Supported By Data

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Will SCOTUS Uphold 2nd Amendment?

Agrees to hear a landmark case Click Here for Story

Kerry the Rat

John Kerry is not to be trusted by our allies when it comes to Iran Click Here for Story

The Democrat Way

Why do Democrats think they are above the law Click Here for Details

Setting Records

And not the good kind Click Here for Story

Michigan Not Following Science?

Now requires masking of 2 to 4 year olds Click Here for Details

Twitter Needs to be Sued

Twitter is targeting conservative states with misinformation Click Here for Story

Montana On the Right Track

Stopping Biden’s gun grabbers Click Here for Story

What Is This Biden Regime Really Up To?

distracting with Russia to cover up ties to China? Click Here for Story

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