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Voters turning on Biden over mishandling of the illegal migrant surge Click Here for Story

Socializing America

Infrastructure bill is a ploy to have government take over America Click Here for Story

Cities’ Clever And Prohibitive Fees Are Killing Michigan’s Open Records Law

Freedom of Information Act on life support as municipalities clamp down on access

Taxing the Middle Class Hard

Michigan has already seen what Secretary Jennifer Granholm is promising America’s middle class Click Here for Details

Falling for the Stupidity

Corporations jump on the anti-Georgia band wagon without knowing the facts Click Here for Story

Fall from Grace

60 Minutes went from the epitomy of journalism to propaganda service Click Here for Details

Cold War Build Up?

Russia militarizing the Arctic? Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice System

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in 2016

Hunter Biden knows a rigged justice system will 100% clear him of any wrong doing Click Here for Story

Biden’s 25%

Less than 90 days in office and Biden is already responsible for 25% of Covid deaths Click Here for Details

Negotiating from Weakness

Will Biden Admin folds to Iranian demands? Click Here for Story

Will NATO Support Ukraine

As violence increases between Russia and Ukraine will NATO step in to help? Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden

Chris Christie says Biden is a lying hypocrite on Georgia’s election law Click Here for Story

Michigan Stupidity

Michigan’s Lt Governor says requiring ID to vote is voter suppression? Click Here for Details

Social Justice Profiteering

Liberals find ways to capitalize and profit on social justice issues Click Here for Details

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