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Unaccountable DOJ

The Department of Justice is refusing to turnover the Robert Hur interview audio files to Congress. Is it time to withhold funding from the DOJ? Click Here for Story

The Disgrace of Biden’s Woke US Military

How the US military treated a soldier for refusing the now proven bad Covid vaccine is a disgrace and shameful Click Here for Details

Michigan’s property taxes keep increasing above inflation

Municipalities cry poverty, but the numbers tell a different story

Judge Merchan Should Recuse

Way too much conflict of interest in a case that is already openly political Click Here for Story

Yes It Is Contempt…

DOJ Director Garland should join the impeachment list for the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

China Joe

Did China send money to Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Brazil Is Now Officially A Fascist Dictatorship…

The only question is whether its President Lula or Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes who is running the corruption Click Here for Details

Ya Think??

Media is now admitting mail in voting has a lot of problems? Click Here for Story

Bill Barr Is Part of the Deep State

New evidence that as Attorney General BIll Barr tried to hide election fraud? Click Here for Story

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