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China Threatens War?

China Raises Stakes Over Pelosi Trip to Taiwan

China angry over possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan Click Here for Story


Inflation so high that people are stealing Spam? Click Here for Details

Farmington schools consultant sees problems with strong family structure

‘Systemic familialism’ is the name for the privilege held by people with intact families

Soros Needs to Be Arrested?

Rise in US crime is directly due to Soros financed prosecutors who ar soft on crime and release criminals? Click Here for Story

China Takes Advantage of Biden’s Open Border

Its not just illegals from South and Central America entering the US its Chinese spies and terrorists? Click Here for Story

Who Deleted Arizona Election Info?

Improperly gained access to election servers and broke the law Click Here for Details

Ballot Trafficking

Election Fraud hasn’t been stopped since the 2020 election? Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Too Much Immigration

The survival of a culture requires that immigration should be slow and measured not unchecked and rampant Click Here for Details

Russia Agreed to Let Grain Leave Ukraine

Zelenskyy observes ships loaded with Ukrainian grain exports | Honolulu  Star-Advertiser

Turkey seems to have brokered an arrangement to help food leave Ukraine Click Here for Story

The 2nd Amendment Works

12 examples of how armed citizens helps protect society Click Here for Details

When the Truth Gets Censored

What is a Recession? - Small Business Trends

US social media is truly “Big Brother” as it censors economists who tell the truth about the US being in recession Click Here for Details

Will Sinema Cave Like Manchin?

Democrats waiting anxiously for Sinema's verdict on tax and climate deal |  The Hill

Will the last Democrat Senator holding off the bankruptcy of America give in to the pressure or put America’s future first? Click Here for Story

Lying Democrats

Colorado Democrats run as “for the working class” but vote for tax increases on average Coloradans Click Here for Details

Why Do They Keep Hiding Covid Data?

More Covid data is disappearing why don’t they want us to see the information Click Here for Story

NOT An Insurrectionist

Proof shows Trump was not pushing for insurrection Click Here for Details

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