The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday December 26, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Oklahoma Ditches DEI?

Oklahoma Governor signs legislation against woke and worthless Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs Click Here for Story

Russia Loses Warship?

Ukrainian missiles heavily damaged a Russian warship in the Black Sea Click Here for Story

Has the first tax hike of 2024 just dropped?

Tobacco tax bill would take nearly $400 million and give a boost to smuggling

Good Riddance

These celebrities are allegedly moving out of America if Donald Trump wins 2024 election

Which woke celebrities are again threatening to move out of the US if Trump gets elected Click Here for Details

Mackinac Center to appeal tax rate case

$714M in taxpayer money is at stakeRead more


Biden finally orders a strike against the Iranian backed terrorists attacking our troops? Click Here for Details


Thank Biden for the unaffordable homes Click Here for Story

Black Swan Event In 2024

Reporter predicts major national security event? How could it not happen with Biden’s open border allowing terrorists into the country Click Here for Details

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