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Hamas Ended Truce Why?

Fact Check Team: What is Hamas, the terrorist group that rules the Gaza  Strip | WNWO

Because they didn’t want to release the hostages they raped mercilessly Click Here for Story

Joe Biden ON The Payroll

Joe Biden Anguishes Over Hunter, 'My Only Surviving Son' - The New York  Times

Joe Biden was getting monthly payments from Hunter Click Here for Story

Ford Marshall plant dubbed worst deal of 2023

Taxpayers spent $1.7B; governor’s allies ran expensive smear campaign against dissenters’

The Only Thing Democrats Have Left …Is Hate

Cheney says GOP House majority in 2025 'presents a threat' to US | The Hill

Democrats, Never Trumpers and their media allies look o demonize Trump for the 2024 election Click Here for Story

Michigan data privacy legislation exempts governments

Government services could gain an advantage over private businessesRead more

Public Service Commission ruling on the Line 5 Tunnel is a small pre-holiday win for Michiganders

One bit of good news to balance the glut of Grinch-like energy news coming out of Lansing Read more

They’re Scared of Trump

Guilt of the Democrats make them fearful of a Trump return to power Click Here for Story

Banks and the Feds Knew of Shady Biden Deals

Money was moving suspiciously but the Feds refused to investigate Click Here for Story

Microsoft Is Helping the CCP

Helping to spread Chinese Communist propaganda Click Here for Details

Pfizer Vaccine Was an Experiment…

The people of the world are the test subjects Click Here for Story

Excess Deaths…

They’re getting larger and you can guess the cause? Click Here for Details

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