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Epstein WAS Murdered

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother says evidence shows he was murdered in prison Click Here for Story

The Mrs O Conspiracy?

Michelle Obama | GMA - Good Morning America

Michelle Obama will not be replacing Joe Biden for 2024? Click Here for Story

Flint schools get $156M in COVID funds, ask for debt relief

District seeks $56M bailout from Michigan Legislature

Wayne State the only college in Michigan to still require COVID vaccine

WSU is one of only 68 in the nation Read more

NFL Still Pushing Division Ahead of Unity

Why does the NFL still push a Black national Anthem instead of trying to unify all Americans Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Solar flare could mean Northern lights for parts of the US this week? Click Here for Story

Martial Law in Texas Town?

Biden’s Open Border disaster is making life unbearable for residents Click Here for Story

Caregiver or Caretaker?

John Kirby gets “promotion” to Biden’s caregiver spokesperson? Click Here for Story

Convoy Protests

Farmers and Truckers are leading the protests for freedom from big government Click Here for Story

The AI Crusades?

Crowd attacks an autonomous vehicle in San Francisco Click Here for Details

More UN Stupidity…

Or is it simple corruption? Click Here for Story

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Democrats ignore the costs to the US and our economy of mass illegal immigration they support Click Here for Story

Time To Impeach Biden

The reasons and evidence just keep stacking up Click Here for Story

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