The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday February 20, 2024

Red Sea Carnage

Houthis reportedly sink British ship in Red Sea : r/anime_titties

Houthis sink British ship in Red Sea and attack two American ships Click Here for Story

How Crooked is the DOJ?

Can the DOJ keep ignoring testimony against Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

South Dakota In On the Climate Scam?

Why aren’t South Dakota Republicans protecting taxpayer’s property rights against the global climate scammers? Click Here for Story

Michigan taxpayers funded artistic and financial flops in last film-subsidy effort

In movies and subsidy programs, the sequel is rarely better

Don’t redirect pension funds

Lawmakers should be wary about lowering pension debt paymentsRead more

Navalny and Trump Really Aren’t That Different

Navalny was a political prisoner that died in jail and that is exactly what the Democrats and Joe Biden want to do to Trump Click Here for Story

YOUR Money… Going to Illegals

Cash payments to illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

Sue the Feds

States need to be able to sue the Federal government for illegal immigration issues Click Here for Story


This is the reason the Biden Admin is stopping oil and gas leases?? Click Here for Story

Israel Is Wiping Out Hamas?

And the UN and the Biden Admin want to save them? Click Here for Story

Taxpayers Last…

The US is subsidizing immigration including illegal immigration Click Here for Story

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