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Democrat Senator Schumer Threatens To Send US Troops To Fight Russia

It doesn’t get any more disgusting than for a politician to threaten to send our own troops to war because we won’t fund another country’s corruption Click Here for Story

Border Bill Is Anything But…

Millions for other countries borders only a little for our own and it leaves the US border WIDE OPEN Click Here or Details

Hold “Swatter” Responsible

Teen arrested for causing swatting events across America Click Here for Story

Support Biden Or Get Arrested…

Rapper who refused to support Joe Biden gets arrested at Grammy awards Click Here for Story

Governments cite debunked ALICE study to justify welfare spending

United Way’s methodology miscalculates and overstates poverty

Ending Career ON a Low Note

Mitch McConnel should be ashamed of pushing the so called border bill on America Click Here for Details

Why Some Still Don’t Trust Elon…

Why is Elon Musk still pushing for a WEF carbon tax? Because its profitable for him Click Here for Details

The Green Scam Continues…

And its former Obama, Biden and Democrats getting the money Click Here for Details

Iran Has Its Nuclear Weapon?

New study shows Iran is already close to having its nuke Click Here for Story

If Biden Wants It You Know Its Bad

Biden wants the crap border passed asap Click Here for Story

Internet Threatened

teaser image

Houthis threaten to cut internet cable in the Red Sea? Click Here for Details

Iran Wants the US Out of the Middle East…

So they can control it Click Here for Story

Nikki Haley Is Really A Democrat?

She’s hated in her home state because she thinks and acts like a Democrat Click Here for Story

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