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Two Tiered Justice Again

IRS contractor who illegally leaked Trump and thousands of others’ taxes to the press gets one felony account and only 5 years after cutting deal with the corrupt DOJ Click Here for Story

The Deep State Show…

Bill Barr and Chris Wray are destroying the Republic Click Here for Story

Whitmer: Taxpayers should fund community college for all

Price tag: To-be-determined; impact questionable

Alleged “Bi-Partisan” Border Deal Only Helps Democrats…

Not the American People Click Here for Details

Siege of Paris…

French farmers drive tractors to take part in a road block protests on the A6 highway near Ormoy, south of Paris, on January 29, 2024, amid nationwide protests called by several farmers unions on pay, tax and regulations. Local branches of major farmer unions FNSEA and Jeunes Agriculteurs announced on …

European Farmers and Truckers fighting back against the Globalist Agenda Click Here for Details

Corruption in Ukraine

$40 million in munitions money for Ukraine has been embezzled. How much more went missing or was misappropriated? Click Here for Story

Congresswoman Admits She Is Representing Another Country?

How much longer will we allow US politicians to put other countries above Americans? Click Here for Story

Is Anyone Surprised?

Biden has empowered and funded Iran who in turn fund terrorism. Why is anyone surprised when they attack us Click Here for Story

China’s Economic Problems Could Affect the World?

Will giant real estate development company, China Evergrande Group, be liquidated? Click Here for Details

From Bench Warmer to POTUS?

Could Joe Manchin replace Biden? Click Here for Story

The Left Wing Terror Attack In Canada No One IS Reporting…

Pro-Palestinian shoots up Edmonton Hall and the media ignores it because it doesn’t fit the socialist narrative? Click Here for Story

More Questions Than Answers

What failures allowed a terrorist drone to hit a US base? Click Here for Details

The Last Thing America Needs?

We don’t need another Obama destroying our country Click Here for Story

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