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Pelosi Insurrection

Nancy Pelosi says Israeli Prime ...

New video emerges showing Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for the January 6th protests? Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Must Curb Regulative State

The Supreme Court is nearing decision day on two cases that could finally slow down the growing and burdensome administrative state which is ruining America Click Here for Story

Plagiarist in Chief

Biden steals Reagan speech for address in Normandy France? Click Here for Details

Michigan higher education policy is out of wack — here’s how to improve it

Give the money directly to students, not the universities

Biden Admin Orders Release of Illegals

More illegal migrants have been ordered released by the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

The Right is Gaining Strength in Europe

Election wave of victories for the conservative right Click Here for Details

The Northern Invasion

Biden sets new record for migrant invasion on America’s northern border Click Here for Story

Kamala Harris On the Wrong Side Again

Kamala Harris to visit an abortion ...

Biden’s VP Kamala Harris sympathizes with the dead Hamas terrorists killed during the resuce of Israeli hostages taken in October 2023 attack instead of empathizing with the abused hostages Click Here for Details

Energy Policy Stupidity

Particulate pollution from coal may be ...

While the rest of the world uilds coal plants the Biden Admin commits energy suicide by joining pact to not use coal fired power plants Click Here for Story

Crime Is Not Down, Like the FBI is Reporting?

Crime reports from at least two of the nations biggest crime areas are not reporting on the new system yet? Click Here for Details

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