The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday June 2, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Central Command

Feds institute central command center to oversee riots across the nation Click Here for Story

Who Ordered the Bricks?

Pallets of bricks show up on streets in areas of riots. Who organized it? Click Here for Details

Michigan Released?

Governor Whitmer to remove stay at home order? Click Here for Details

Lansing Insiders: Whitmer Expected To Ease Statewide Lockdown Today

Lawless Democrats

Chiara de Blasio arrested alongside NYC protesters for 'unlawful ...

Mayor DeBlasio is proud of his daughter being arrested for violent rioting? Click Here for Details

Feds Scratch Heads: Bicycle Repairs OK But Jeweler Visits A Crime Without Appointment?

US Department of Justice says, ‘hard to conceive of a rational basis’ for some Michigan lockdown orders

The Financial Toll of Covid

Could be trillions in the next 10 years Click Here for Story

Liquor to Go: An Idea Whose Time is Now

It seems much of the state’s liquor code and rules are written for a protected class

Good Community Policing

Michigan Sheriff Took Off His Helmet and Marched With Protesters

This Michigan Sheriff shows how to work with protesters Click Here for Story

The Problem with Progressives

They don’t know how to govern? Click Here for Details

Another Reason to Not Support Biden

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 11th Nov, 2018. Former President ...

If George Bush supports Biden you know the globalists own Biden Click Here for Details

Siding with Terrorists

Rep Ilhan Omar shows insane support for violent rioters Click Here for Details

At Odds

George Floyd family’s independent autopsy differs from County autopsy results Click Here for Details

Democrats Race Bait

Michigan Democrat Party chair says anyone voting for Trump is a racist Click Here for Story

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