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Urban Flight

Exodus from US big cities is continuing Click Here for Story

Illegitimate President

Joe Biden wants to revoke Section 230 - The Verge

Texas GOP resolves that Biden is not the legitimate President after seeing the election fraud in 2000 Mules Click Here for Details

State to pay Mackinac Center $200K in attorney’s fees over emergency orders lawsuit

Governor’s office, AG’s office, department of health agree to split settlement evenly, while denying liability

Lying Piece of Schiff

Trump's GOP allies want to censure Adam Schiff

Serial liar Rep Adam Schiff gets grilled for his partisan hackery in January 6th investigation Click Here for Story

Senate bill would ban ‘Zuckerbucks’ from Michigan elections

Outside funds for election clerks have been called a ‘corrupting influence’ Read more

US Senate Campaign Update

The seven seats that are a battleground for the Senate Click Here for Details

Google is Devolving?

Seeking answers google is not what it used to be? Click Here for Story

The Open Border

Illegal immigrants, drugs, human traffickers and terrorists are now entering the US with ease Click Here for Details

Are the French Learning How Bad Their Elitist Government Is?

Macron's domestic challenges pile up as second term begins | France | The  Guardian

Macron loses his majority in stunning defeat Click Here for Details

Food Disaster IS Just Starting

Prices skyrocketing and availability is next Click Here for Story

Yet Another Stupid Policy

Biden’s cigarette ban has some very bad consequences? Click Here for Details

Could Inflation Peak in September?

Heritage economist thinks so Click Here for Story

Why Do Democrats Hide Everything?

Incompetence or evil? Something is making Democrats hide information from investigations Click Here for Details

These American States CAN Solve the Energy Crisis…

But will the Democrats and Biden allow it? Click Here for Story

The Insurrection is Phony…

Indictments require evidence and the only thing Democrats have is rhetoric , propaganda and a willing media Click Here for Details

How Dare You Inconvenience Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg's domestic terrorism and gun control plan, explained - Vox

Commerce Secretary gets slighted and wants to punish airlines? Click Here for Story

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