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Ruh Roh Joe?

Virginia is beginning to look purple not so blue? Click Here for Story

Fauci Stars in His Own Sideshow?

Corrupt Anthony Fauci gets hammered in Click Here for Details


The Biden Admin just gave tantamount amnesty to over 300,000 illegal migrants? Click Here for Story

27 Michigan school districts to get 97 electric school buses

EV school buses cost up to three times a diesel school bus

Will SCOTUS Step Up?

Cases against Trump are nothing but election interference will the Supreme Court step in to stop the Federal Election interference? Click Here for Details

Global Power Mongers Suffer Setback

Globalists suffer big upset in Geneva; WHO chief urges aggressive crackdown on 'global pandemic agreement' skeptics

The UN and WHO are upset at the number of countries not buying into their power grab via pandemic treaty. Now they want to go after the vocal skeptics? Click Here for Details

Once A Democrat Spinmaster…

George Stephanopoulos is not a journalist just a Democrat and Biden apologist Click Here for Story

Open Border Is Proving Dangerous for Police

Two NYPD officers shot by illegal migrant…housed in luxury hotel with your tax dollars Click Here for Details

Democrats Just Can’t Stop Lying

Whether its Biden commercials or serial liars like Congressman Jamie Raskin the Democrats just can’t stop telling the discredited stories they made up against Trump Click Here for Story

Colleges Have No Backbone…

Anti-Semite encampments are back after being torn down by police Click Here for Story

Can Republicans Stand Their Ground?

Speaker Johnson Faces AG Garland Contempt Vote Test

AG Merrick Garland has flaunted his contempt at Congress will the Republicans hold him accountable like Democrats do to conservatives? Click Here for Story

No Science At All

Fauci now says he just made up the 6 ft distancing requirement during the Covid plandemic Click Here for Story

DAs on the Wrong Side?

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner walking.

Instead of prosecuting criminal illegal migrants some Soros supported District Attorney’s are advising the criminals Click Here for Details

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