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Cover Up?

Why are documents being hidden related to SCOTUS nominee? Click Here for Story

More Bad Immigration Policies?

Will the Biden Admin cause another explosion of illegal immigrants to rush the border? Click Here for Details

Where IS Your Money Going?

Ukrainian officials keep getting caught fleeing the country with lots of money? Click Here for Story

High Cost of Command?

Has Russia now lost 5 top military commanders in Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Schools, Agencies Use Prohibitive Charges To Shut Down Access To Public Records

People’s right to know dies in swarms of government lawyers

The Climate Scam Exposed

Why is it ok to use foreign oil but not American oil? Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Confirmations Begin

You won’t see Republicans savage the nominee like Democrats do Click Here for Story

Hunter’s Laptop Scandal

The now proven information on corruption goes straight to Joe Biden but don’t expect the media to cover it Click Here for Details

Would UN Send Troops to Ukraine?

Despite growing threats, UN peacekeepers worldwide remain dedicated to  serve - World | ReliefWeb

They should but don’t be on it Click Here for Story

Ballot Harvesting Investigation

Election fraud investigation keeps moving forward in Georgia ? Click Here for Details

Democrats Using YOUR Tax Dollars….

To defend themselves against allegations of stock trade impropriety? Click Here for Story

Interest Rate Hikes

What will the Fed do for the remainder of the year ? Click Here for Details

Can’t Take the Heat?

Jen Psaki shuts down questions on the Hunter Lap Top Scandal Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Cure for breast cancer? Click Here for Details

Embarrassing for Joe

In his latest gaffe Joe Biden confuse his VP for his wife? Click Here for Story

Yea We Want to See This…

durham; garland

Judicial Watch sues for communication records between Merrick garland and John Durham Click Here for Details

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