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Time To Hold FBI Director Responsible

China is 'greatest long-term threat' to the US, FBI director Christopher  Wray says | South China Morning Post

The FBI has become a corrupt lawless agency doing the bidding of one political party can the Director finally be held responsible or even…Impeached? Click Here for Story

Arizona 2022… It Was NOT An Honest Election

Cheating was rampant Click Here for Details

Interstate voting compact takes another step toward reality

In Minnesota, ‘National Popular Vote’ bill is a governor’s signature away from becoming the law Read more

Volcano Warning in Mexico

Thousands may need to prepare for evacuation? Click Here for Story

In Traverse City, less interest than expected in public broadband

Costs skyrocket as the public displays little interest in the broadband utility in northern Michigan

Pathetic Rhetoric

NAACP issues travel advisory…for Florida? Click Here for Details

He’s Doing What??

Biden Admin is changing rules to make child trafficking easier at the border? Click Here for Details

Debt Ceiling Fight

What are the big sticking points? Click Here for Story

Democrat Speech Nazis

Democrat Senator Michael Bennet wants an enforcement department against your free speech online Click Here for Details

Don’t Be Fooled…Joe Manchin Is NOT a Moderate

Senator Joe Manchin likes to call himself a climate moderate but he just gave the thumbs up to a radical Biden appointee who will kill West Virginia coal industry? Click Here for Details

FBI Is Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

The FBI is guilty of violating rights and breaking laws and now are retaliating against whistleblowers for exposing it Click Here for Story

The Stupidity of Reparations

Paying money to people who were never slaves and forcing people to pay who were never slave owners Click Here for Details

What Does the Government Know That We Aren’t Being Told About?

The Federal government is offering satellite phones to US senators “just in case…”? Click Here for Story

Say What???

Democrat Senator says we should go into further debt with China to show China what?? Click Here for Story

Bad PR?

Anheuse-Busch may have even more bad news heading their way Click Here for Story

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