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Can the States Take Back Control of the Corrupted Federal Government?

The Federal government is supposed to serve the States but that ended long ago. Now it looks like the States can do something about it Click Here for Details

Problems for the EV Agenda

Americans are smart enough to know EVs aren’t working for them Click Here for Story

Michigan’s arbitrary process for banning license plates

Government prohibits words for products it advertises

Sure Seems Like It

Rising star Hakeem Jeffries announces ...

House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries says the Democrats are in control of the House and basically it seems like it Click Here for Story

Jailing the Political Opposition

Dilemma for Judge in Trump Case ...

Corrupt and biased Democrat Judge Merchan threatens to jail Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump Click Here for Details

Still Think Those College Protests Are Harmless?

Anti-Israeli protests are really anti-American protests and they are getting uglier Click Here for Story

Targeting New York?

Palestine Protest, March 30, 2024, New York City

Pro-Hamas groups plan “Day of Rage” in New York over the Gaza war Click Here for Details

Horribly Bad Foreign Policy?

The Biden Admin is at it again only this time millions are at risk? Click Here for Story

The Arab World Won’t Take Palestinian “Refugees” They Know Better…

So why in the world would the Biden Admin want the US to take them? Click Here for Story


The US is printing money at unbelievable rates putting the dollar’s value at risk Click Here for Details

Is Tulsi A Viable VP?

Some think the former Democrat Congresswoman could be an asset for the Trump campaign Click Here for Details

How to Safeguard Voting?

States could verify citizenship via DMV records? Click Here for Story

“Patriot Front?” – Feds in Disguise

Who are these khaki panted protesters? Real American MAGA patriots don’t wear masks Click Here for Details

Russia in Africa

Russia is expanding its sphere of influence in Africa as Joe Biden’s foreign policy falls apart around the world Click Here for Story

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