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Tuesday IS Election Day; Get Out and Vote

If you’re not happy with the current direction of the country then vote for change for yourselves and your children

The Lies of Democrats

Its Blue Democrat cities with crime problems not Red Republican states Click Here for Story

Michigan Democrats Want to Make Energy Even More Expensive

Please Fix This Governor Whitmer!!!

Straight from the mouth of the Democrat Lt Governor, the Democrats want to CLOSE more power plants Click Here for Details

Google Interfering in Elections?

Google search is pushing the Democrat agenda and Democrat candidates? Click Here for Details

Michigan Secretary of State: Votes will be counted within 24 hours

Biden has tried to lower expectations, saying it would take days to count votes

Governor Whitmer Marginalizes Women

“People with Periods”? What? Click Here for Story

The Corrupt DOJ

Will the politicized US Attorney General Merrick Garland try to indict Trump to keep him from running in 2024? Click Here for Story

Biden Says No More Drilling?

How much worse can he make energy policy in the US? Click Here for Details

Democrat Senate Candidate Still Wants to Defund Police

And his wife says there are “quiet” ways to do it Click Here for Details

Legs for the Most Advanced Robot?

Ameca Humanoid Robot From Engineered Arts to Debut at CES 2022 - Robotics  24/7

“Ameca” the world’s most advanced robot will have legs and the ability to walk by next year? Click Here for Story

Saying No to Unionization


Home Depot workers just say no in a union vote Click Here for Story

Exposing the Election Stealers

Florida leads the way again in exposing election crimes Click Here for Details

Democrat Senator Bets AGAINST the US Economy?

Delaware Senator is obviously aware of how bad things are getting despite his saying otherwise Click Here for Story

Common Sense Energy Policy

So called “Fossil Fuels” should be a big part of the total picture Click Here for Details

Inconvenient Facts

(Getty Images)

Think about these facts when you think about EVs Click Here for Story

Italy’s New Stance on Immigration

Will the new Italian PM push back on the crazed open immigration policies of Europe? Click Here for Details

Ya Think?!

Democrat think tank states the obvious Click Here for Story

Democrats Always Accuse Others of What They Are Guilty Of…

Gretchen Whitmer interview

The Democrat mantra leading up to the 2022 midterm election is that Democracy is at stake. It actually is IF Democrats win Click Here for Details

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