The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday October 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Already Back to Work

POTUS returns to the White House for work after treatment for Covid Click Here for Story

Another Tax Cut?

POTUS promises another tax cut for working Americans Click Here for Story

Senator Gary Peters Forces Taxpayers…

TO pay for his Cadillac healthcare plan Click Here for Details

Not Enforceable

Michigan AG won’t enforce Governor Whitmer’s Un-Constitutional orders Click Here for Story

Whitmer Initially Defiant On Losing Emergency Powers, Now Says Will Work With Legislature

Senate Majority leader reported radio silence from administration as of 1 p.m. Sunday

Antifa IS Racist

Antifa militants assault woman of color Click Here for Details

Back in Session

Supreme Court opens new term in divisive era

SCOTUS opens new session short one Justice Click Here for Story

The Art of “Niksen”

Doing nothing may help your happiness level? Click Here for Details

Its the Economy

Poll shows Economy is the number 1 issue for the election Click Here for Story

Seattle Violence

Anarchists continue their violence in Washington State Click Here for Story

Triggering Hollywood

A quickly recovering POTUS is triggering Hollywood elites Click Here for Details

One Media Outlet Finally Interviewed Biden Abuse Accuser

But it was an Australian tv show that interview Tara Reade Click Here for Story

Why Public Schools Are Bad for Children

Another teacher caught abusing their students Click Here for Details

Mississippi Open

Masks rule dropped in Mississippi Click Here for Story

Racist Joe

Watch Joe Biden talk former Klansman his friend and mentor Click Here for Details

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