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The Biggest I Told You So …

New Harvard/John Hopkins Study says vaccines are a problem Click Here for Story

Five Crucial Points

Republicans need to focus on getting the House and Senate back Click Here for Story

Violating Your Trust

Are Credit Card companies violating your 2nd amendment? Click Here for Details

Finally? Whitmer affirms that nuclear energy is clean energy

In a letter to U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Whitmer describes Palisades nuclear plant as good business and good for the environment

Slotkin and the Lobbyist

Elissa Slotkin: I'll stick to my vote regardless of what it does  politically - CNN Video

Elisa Slotkin doesn’t work for you she’s tight with special interests Click Here for Story

Gov. Whitmer, Dixon set good example, will debate on Oct. 13

Whitmer, Dixon defining one another to voters | WLNS 6 News

One hour of debate is better than dueling campaign rallies Read more

Treasonous Republicans

RINO Lindsey Graham and other GOP senators support the un-Constitutional holding of January 6th protesters Click Here for Story

Uhhhh About That “Climate Change”

Real scientist don’t follow the money or the scam Click Here for Details

Is Ukraine Pushing Russia Back

Reports say Russia is retreating in parts of Ukraine Click Here for Details

The UN Is Completely Out of Touch

Demands that Europeans freeze to death instead of using fossil fuels Click Here for Story

Winter Oil Prices Will Spike Says Yellen?

Well thanks genius Click Here for Details

Flat Out Liar

VP Harris says the border is secure …with a straight face? Click Here for Story

Vaccines Causing Medical Crisis?

400 Doctors declare a medical emergency because of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Wants DNC Donor for “Special Master”

The pick would put another Deep State supporting Democrat in charge of reviewing Mar-A-Lago documents. Will this treachery never stop? Click Here for Story

Phony Polling?

Even the New York Times knows alleged improvement in Democrat leaning polls probably isn’t true Click Here for Story

Fighting The Woke Agenda

Building a network to fight the insane culture of the left Click Here for Details

What The….

What is wrong with Fetterman? Click Here for Story

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