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Who IS Coming Across Biden’s Open Border?

Venezuela is emptying its prisons and sending the criminals north to the US Click Here for Details

More Threats From Putin?

Is the Ukrainian counter-offensive getting Putin’s hackles up or is the media just amping up the rhetoric? Click Here for Story

The Semi-Fascists Aren’t MAGA?

Nope, Its the Democrats Listen to Sasha Stone’s Podcast

Just Another Lying Democrat?

Michigan Democrat candidate offers an outrageous ad Click Here for Story

Fix the broken K-12 education system through DIY projects

The VELA Education Fund helps parents and entrepreneurs find new ways

The Manchin Mystery Deal

What was Joe Manchin promised for his support of the so called “Inflation Reduction Act” and is West Virginia actually going to get what was promised? Click Here for Story

Michigan utilities say their customers will control their own thermostats

Recent event in Colorado brings to mind a hot Michigan day in MayRead more

Joe Don’t Know…

White House once again has to walk back Joe Biden statements on defending Taiwan Click Here for Story

The Grifters Are Back

Bill and Hillary Clinton remarkably present wedding planners, new book says

Clintons reactivate their “foundation” to “save the world” ? Click Here for Details

Gender Fluidity is Child Abuse

Why does the left and the Biden Admin want to mutilate young children? Click Here for Story

Bad Foreign Relations

Biden makes another mess of foreign relations at Queen’s funeral ? Click Here for Details

National Conservatism

Is this the future of the GOP? Click Here for Story

Court Needs to Reject the DOJ’s Issues with a Special Master

The nation no longer trusts the DOJ or FBI so the court needs all possible transparency on Mar-A-Lago Click Here for Details

Evil Villains?

Yes the world has them and they seem to be part of the WEF? Click Here for Story

Not Really Sanctuary When Its the Democrats Backyard

Martha’s Vineyard fiasco shows Democrats have truly two sets of rules Click Here for Details

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