The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday April 10, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Open Border IS The Democrat Plan

Americans are now seeing the lies and corruption of Democrats to retain power so Democrats need new ignorant voters Click Here for Story

Gaza War Not Over?

Israel is pushing back on US pressure to end the conflict Click Here for Details

UAW membership drops significantly in Michigan

Membership is the lowest in more than a decade

The Phony Job Numbers

Biden’s big job increase is in reality only part time and other work not full time employment Click Here for Story

Take That You Fascists…

Elon Musk stands up to the Fascists now running Brazil Click Here for Details

Johnson Under Fire

Mike Johnson

Speaker Johnson seems to be bowing to the DC deep state and could face the same fate as McCarthy Click Here for Story

The Real Threat of Domestic Terrorism…

And its not white Christian nationalists Click Here for Details

Rewarding Failure With YOUR Tax Dollars

Biden Admin ready to give billions to CEO of failed Solyndra debacle Click Here for Story

Elon Always On Top

If Brazil cancels Starlink contracts due to Elon Musk not doing as they demand to censor government opponents he will give it free to Brazil schools? Click Here for Story

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