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Bad News for The Majority of America

Another liberal state is looking to use Popular Vote instead of the Electoral College. This will only push the divide between rural and urban America causing a further “Balkanization” of the country Click Here for Story

Illegals Being Told to Vote for Biden

And the NGO responsible is linked to Mayorkas? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s largest unions have seen plummeting membership over the past decade

Jobs and incomes are up, workplace injuries are down

Rat Fink Gets Mad…

Woke Black Rock CEO Larry Fink is angry that conservative states have seen through his “Socialist DEI America” investing agenda Click Here for Details

Caught in Failure

Peter Doocy corners Kirby with two questions after Iran ignores Biden's warning not to attack Israel: 'They did it anyway'

John Kirby gets cornered by journalist over the Biden Admin’s failures on Iran Click Here for Story

Shorter Life Spans?

Accelerated aging seen in those 55 and younger and its leading to many early cancers Click Here for Details

Jury Stacking

The New York Court of Judge Merchan is picking a poisoned jury Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Colleges?

Over 75% of colleges have C or below grades concerning Anti-Semitism Click Here for Story

That’s A Fact Jack

Judge deals blow to corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith Click Here for Story

Leftist Dark Money Bailing Out Palestinian Protesters

Democrats and the left are helping protesters block bridges and airports Click Here for Story

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