The News You Need to Know Wednesday April 28, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Hiding The Traitor?

Media hiding stories about John Kerry’s alleged traitorous actions? Click Here for Story

Party of the Rich

Think Democrats aren’t representing average working Americans? You’re right…Click Here for Story

Michigan Regulators Want To Make Debunked ‘Surface Transmission’ Rules Permanent

Never mind that CDC says chances of infection ‘less than 1 in 10,000’

Six Sexes??

Democrat Representative IS a real science denier Click Here for Story

Generalized Teacher Shortages, A Michigan Media Mainstay, Unsupported By Facts

Districts struggle filling some specialties, but overall numbers are up, not downRead more

Biting the Hand…

Palestinian President goes off on everyone! Click Here for Story

Do You See It Now?

Democrats say mask up even if vaccinated. To keep you under control Click Here for Story


Biden off message again Click Here for Details

The Census

Latest census data released Click Here for Story

Bad Climate Policy

Destroying America seems to be a Biden Admin goal Click Here for Story

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