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Biden IS Not In Charge

The Easter debacle for the Biden Admin shows that Joe Biden is not in charge or making decisions its his Click Here for Story

Secretary of Stupidity

Amateur Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg gets schooled when he complains about Americans not wanting or buying use EVs Click Here for Story

Auditor’s office repeatedly finds evidence of poor performance in state agencies

The office is slated for a budget cut Read more

Asking for Trouble?

California’s electric mandate for trucks leads to lawsuit. What will happen to California if normal trucks can’t drive in the state to pick up and deliver goods? Click Here for Story

Dearborn schools responds to CapCon story on illegal contract language

U.S. Supreme Court has ruled union fees requirements for public employees unconstitutional

The Biden Border Crisis

“Gotaways” have boomed under Biden policies Click Here for Story

Earthquake in Taiwan

7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan Click Here for Details

Democrats Have Failed Gen Z

Like all other Democrat constituents Ge Z is also finally realizing that Democrat policies are designed for them to hold power not to help the people Click Here for Details

Corporatists Want An Open Border

And the cheap labor that comes with it Click Here for Story

Are We Under Attack?

Like the rash of fires and explosions that have taken out American food processing operations, are our bridges now being attacked? 3rd bridge “accident” in seven days Click Here for Details

Yea, That’s Not Really “Green”

Solar panels are seen stretched over a large area of sandy dirt.

The myth of EVs and sustainable energy helping the Planet is not really helping Click Here for Story

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