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USPS Dumping Ballots Across State Lines

How much more proof is needed to show election fraud? Click Here for Details

Georgia Funny Business

Fulton County is cutting corners in election process Click Here for Story

Michigan Election Hearings

Fraud evidence unveiled at Michigan Senate hearing Click Here for Details

Destroying Businesses

Lock downs are killing small businesses Click Here for Details

Michigan, National, Worldwide COVID Trends Look Similar

How big a role does policy play?

Screwing the Taxpayers

Warren makes case to Fed chair for canceling student-loan debt

Elizabeth Warren pushing for cancellation of student debt Click Here for Details

Governments, Officials, Media Making People, Not Virus, The Enemy

The ACLU warned about this in a 2008 report on the Bush administration’s epidemic plansRead more

More Democrat Hypocrisy

LA County supervisor Sheila Kuehl  bans outdoor dining then goes to dinner outdoors Click Here for Details

Late to The Party

CNN finally figures out China is lying about Covid? Click Here for Details

Possible Covid Relief Bill?

Bipartisan group has deal in the works Click Here for Details

The Dangers of Masking

Child passes out wearing mask Click Here for Details

Hiding Her Anti-Semitism

Representative Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib scrubs anti-Semite tweet Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Suit

Trump team files in Wisconsin over election fraud Click Here for Details

Hiding the Fraud

Dominion servers moved in Georgia Click Here for Story

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