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Putin Ready to Negotiate a Peace?

But is the West ready to stop funding war? Click Here for Story

Not Following Science in Canada

Justin Trudeau wants tampons to be available in men’s bathrooms Click Here for Story

Lawless Biden

Despite a SCOTUS ruling not to the Biden Admin keeps forgiving Student debt and putting taxpayers on the hook Click Here for Details

The Holiday Invented by a Violent Felon?

Of course, Phony Joe would celebrate anything to get a vote Click Here for Story

Where Is That Insurrection?

Everyone talks about the “Insurrection” that never was Click Here for Details

UN Is Helping Hamas…

Why is the UN helping Hamas use civilians as human shields? Click Here for Story

Bank Problems?

Some smaller banks have found themselves in similar investment situations as the big banks but they don’t have the same leverage to fix it? Click Here for Details

Europe Is Also Ignoring Existential Debt

Why are lawmakers and political leaders around the globe ignoring the true threat to humanity and civilization Click Here for Story

Time to Stop Swatting

Those who call in phony SWAT situations need to be dealt with in the harshest fashion to stop it before someone gets hurt Click Here for Details

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