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A Weak US Emboldens Dictators

How Maduro Survived | Journal of Democracy

Maduro will have his Venezuela take over neighboring countries while Joe Biden does nothing Click Here for Story

Fighting for the Irish Presidency?

Could Conor McGregor run for President in Ireland? Click Here for Details

Loser Needs to Drop Out

Chris Christie is being pressured to remove himself from the POTUS race. Like he had any chance anyway? Click Here for Story

Ya Think?

FBI Director says America is at high risk in part to Biden’s wide open US border Click Here for Details

Park Township short-term rental owners win court injunction

Township ban will be paused until case resumes in August 2024

Biden Impeachment?

Biden Impeachment inquiry is about to start? Click Here for Story

Michigan data privacy legislation exempts governments

Government services could gain an advantage over private businesses

Collusion Against Trump?

January 6th Sham Committee was working with Georgia Prosecutors against Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Financing the Covid Scam

Biden Admin gave$86 million to a company accused of having sold fake Covid test kits? Click Here for Details

More FBI Abuses

FBI arrests conservative actor for being at the Capitol on January 6th Click Here for Story

Outrageous Use of Tax Dollars

LA spends $67 million t house just 255 homeless people Click Here for Story

Whistleblower Outs the FBI’s Agenda Against J6ers

Same methods used against terrorists are being used against patriotic Americans Click Here for Story

What’s The Holdup on January 6th Video Release?

Speaker Johnson says they’re blurring out faces to protect participants from the FBI? But doesn’t the FBI already have the video? Click Here for Details

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