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Election Fraud

Was the Federal government behind the 2020 election fraud? Click Here for Story

US Senate Puts America Last…

Despite the efforts by some real conservatives the US Senate Democrats and RINOs pass funding bill in for Ukraine and Israel with highly dubious language but nothing for Americans or the US border Click Here for Story

Bidenomics Hurts Your Pocketbook

Don’t let the Democrats and Media fool you inflation under Biden and his Democrat policies is still high Click Here for Story

Michigan’s school funding amendment is a harmful relic

Anti-Catholic 1970 law holds students back while other states get ahead


Phony conservatives are having their own pathetic political action conference

Jobs Boom…For Migrants, NOT for Americans

migrant children

Once again Americans suffer from the open border and this time its the jobs market Click Here for Story

Enemy of the United States

Leaked Iranian documents show George Soros linked group acting like FOregin Agents? Click Here for Story

Making NATO Members Pay Their Fair Share…

Trump knows how to get European members of NATO pay for their own defense instead of placing the burden on US taxpayers Click Here for Story

Mistake or Intentional?

and its because the Biden Open Border crisis has let thousands of possible terrorists into the country Click Here for Story

Stealing From Our Veterans

Biden Admin is using Veteran funds for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Bringing Honor to The Presidency?

No, not really. Biden shows his poor relationship management is as bad as his dementia Click Here for Story

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